Trekkers Youth Group @ All Saints – normally held at the Vicarage
For those in school years 6 to 11

Life is a journey, and as we enter that transition phase from primary to secondary school and then begin to consider adult life to come, that journey can become complicated. There are so many decisions to be made on the way, and so many new pressures to deal with about self-discovery.  Suddenly the simple messages and the old stories about the Christian faith that we might have grown up with can seem rather irrelevant to the complexity of real life and the world-view of the 21st century.

Trekking is about undertaking a long and challenging journey, normally with others: often a journey of discovery undertaken by young people to find out more about their world and themselves. 

Trekkers Youth Group is a place where we are free to take part on that journey, to explore some of life’s big questions and to discover whether Jesus, the ‘Light of the World’, actually does have some light to shine on the way ahead.

We normally meet once each half-term on a Sunday late-afternoon at the Vicarage: Nicola and Jim Perryman currently act as Trek ‘Guides’.  New members are very welcome – as are suggestions for topics to explore or other things to do together.  Past meetings have been a mixture of discussions, games, films, etc. and normally end with a simple meal together, but the future hasn’t been written yet!

“What are we doing to the Environment?”
£2 contribution please to help with food and other costs.

Parental consent forms are required for all church activities involving under-16s and can be downloaded below. Contact details for Trekkers will be found on the form.